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safetysafety_certificateThe Group Award:
This is the lowest incident
rate in each group. 

Achievement Award:
25% reduction in incident
rate from the previous year.

100 % Award:
One year without a lost
time injury or illness.


Safety First At Savko!We are committed to accident prevention and an injury free worksite!At Nick Savko & Sons, Inc. we take safety very seriously.  In fact, we have a full time Safety Director to administer our safety programs and to oversee our adherence to all OSHA policies and standards.The company outlines and describes the safety policies and procedures for specific equipment and machines in its Supervisor & Field Employee Handbook that is issued to each employee when they begin employment.Supervisory and field employees are each issued safety equipment, including hard hats, safety shirts, and are required to attend routine safety awareness meetings on a regular basis.

In regard to selected industry safety standards, most of our field personnel are approved to work on railroad construction projects, that utilizes even more stringent federal safety policies and procedures.

Nick Savko & Sons, Inc. field personnel recently attained over 90,000 manhours without a loss time injury, while working on a year-long railroad intermodal project.

The company’s philosophy of providing quality service combined with over 60 years of experience on safe, accident free work sites help make the name SAVKO, the right choice for your next site development project.

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