Our People Make The Difference!

At Nick Savko & Sons, Inc. our people are one of our biggest assets! The company has approximately 300 full-time employees during peak season.Our corporate office staff consists of accountants, estimators, and engineers and this is complimented by, field personnel, surveyors,  equipment operators and job superintendents, who oversee each and every construction project.At Savko, we know that there is ‘no substitute for experience’ That is why our job superintendents on average, have over 15 years of experience in the heavy construction industry, this helps ensure the each  job is done right, within budget, and on time!

Savko’s high tech Dispatching Operations Center receives more phone calls by 6 a.m. than our competitors receive all day long!

Coordinating all equipment and product delivery and work activities at the current construction sites, our Dispatching Operations Center utilizes up-to-the-minute regional weather radar combined with our vehicles global positioning system (GPS) to be pro-active to adverse weather conditions, when minutes and hours really matter.