history_01history_02history_03history_05  Our Roots Are Deep!

Nickolas Savko & Sons, Inc. had its very early beginnings in 1946, when founder, Nickolas Savko, along with his wife, Gilda, started his company as a small contractor placing concrete and digging basement foundations for builders in the central Ohio area. Over the last 60 years the company has grown from just a pick-up truck and a few employees into one of the largest site development contractors in the country.

Today, the Savko family celebrates its third generation joining the company, and it has all the resources, including the experienced manpower combined with the right machinery to handle any size site development project. In addition, the company has expanded its operations to keep pace with the ever increasing demand for roller compacted concrete (RCC) by offering its RCC services and expertise on a basis that is national in scope, with its own fleet of portable pug mills to manufacture and maintain the product’s quality control.